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Dry Eye Syndrome is characterized by itching, burning and gritty red eyes. Your tears serve many important functions. They wash out debris, keep your eyes moist and they have enzymes to neutralize microorganisms that colonize your eyes. The following are causes of Dry Eye.

  • Environment. Sunny, dry, windy weather and the use of heaters or fans can increase the evaporation of tears. Prolonged computer use or eye strain also causes dry eyes.
  • Tear Drainage. Too much tear drainage or too little tear production.
  • Contact Lens Wear. Wearing contact lenses increases tear evaporation and related Dry Eye symptoms.
  • Decreased Tear Production. At age 65 tear glands produce about 40% of the good quality lubricating tears that they produced at age 18.
  • Medications. Some medications can reduce the body’s ability to produce the good quality lubricating tears.
  • Eye Drops. Lubricating eye drops may relieve symptoms temporarily. However, five minutes after placement, 80% of most eye drops drain away from the surface of your eyes.

How Tears Should Work

Your eyes are lubricated by tears produced by tear glands located in your upper eyelids. Natural tears make your eyes feel cool, comfortable, refreshed and help prevent infection of your eyes and eyelids.

Blinking spreads the tear film down across the surface of your eyes. The tears move to the inside region of your eye and through the tear drainage ducts into your nose and throat.


Lubricating drops

For mild cases of dry eye, artificial tears and gels can temporarily relieve the symptoms.


Restasis is a prescription eye drop that can stimulate tear production in some patients.

Occlusion Therapy

Occlusion Therapy can reduce or eliminate the need for eye drops. The Lacrimal Efficiency Test involves a temporary partial blockage of the tear ducts using small dissolvable plugs.

During one 4-7 day test period you will have a chance to see if your Dry Eye symptoms improve. Following the test period, the plugs simply dissolve—no need for removal. If your symptoms improved during the test period, your doctor may recommend medium-term dissolvable plugs or long-term non-dissolvable silicone plugs. If necessary, the plugs can be removed with pressure irrigation.

Your comfort is most important. The plugs will not touch the surface of your eye and are usually not felt. If you experience “foreign body sensation,” your doctor can reposition the plugs to a more appropriate depth.

No more drops! Unlike drops that can take months to work, and are extremely costly, Lacrimal Plugs work quickly to relieve your symptoms and can improve the quality of your vision.

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